Titus Welliver Is Prepared To Be Bosch For As Long As Anyone Will Let Him

Titus Welliver has been playing Harry Bosch for almost a decade, and at that point, you either want to keep going or kill off your character and never see him again. There is no in-between unless you are Kevin Costner, who seemingly exists in a Gray Area. Luckily for the Bosch fans in your life, Welliver is all on board.

After first portraying Bosch in Bosch and then again for Amazon Freeve’s Bosch: Legacy, Welliver told The Messenger that he is willing to Bosch it up forever. “I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me,” he said. “Look, there’s tremendous artistic and intellectual sustenance with this character that constantly challenges me. I know this character like I know myself now,” he added of Bosch. Bosch: Forever would be a great new spinoff idea.


It’s not that surprising that there is a lot of Bosch lore to learn, as there are two dozen Bosch novels out there, so there are plenty of new ideas for the coming seasons if they end up happening. Season three has already been ordered, though there is always room for more Bosch, even when he’s in his nursing home.

The actor continued, “Harry’s a lot older than I am in the books, and he’s still out there working cases,” Welliver admitted. “He doesn’t move as fast as he used to, but he’ll still throw down if somebody comes after him. That’s the beauty of the character,” he said. Not only is the beauty of Bosch his ability to “throw down,” but also his insane set of tattoos.


(Via The Messenger)