Tracy Morgan Roasted Jussie Smollett During A Candid ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

Somebody ’bout to fake a pregnancy. Tracy Morgan let loose during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon promoting his new book, The Last O.G. Cookbook. He opened up the interview with an admission. “My new year’s resolution hasn’t changed in five years: not to get hit by another truck.” He made other candid admissions during the interview, like saying, “I love old broads, especially named Blanche. She got a cigarette cough.”

But perhaps the most candid part of the interview was when he shared his opinion on Empire star Jussie Smollett, who was allegedly attacked in a racist and homophobic hate crime on January 29th, but was later arrested by the Chicago P.D. and charged with filing a false police report. All charges were dropped, although the prosecutor who dropped the charged maintains he’s “not innocent” and the Chicago P.D. wants him to reimburse the costs of their investigation (although it seems like they should have to actually convict someone in a court of law before billing them for an investigation that was not yet declared by the courts to be based on a false report).

Morgan goes in on Smollett one minute into the interview above, saying he could land a role on Empire. “Contractually, all I have to do is not fake a hate crime.” He went on to explain why he thought Smollett’s attack was staged. “First of all, racist people don’t be jumping nobody in the polar vortex.” He also said racist people don’t watch Empire before he joked about the security video of Smollett captured after the alleged 2 a.m. attack outside of a Subway restaurant. “He didn’t let that Subway sandwich go!”

Morgan isn’t the only SNL alum to take Smollett to the woodshed. Chris Rock had some choice words last weekend at the NAACP Image Awards. And outside of the SNL alum-niverse (is that a thing?), other celebs like Charles Barkley and Cardi B had a go at the Empire actor. Smollett probably isn’t going to be out of the headlines for a while.

(Via Deadline)