04.20.09 10 years ago 4 Comments

We’ve known for a while that “The State” — MTV’s subversive sketch comedy show that helped build the foundation of humor for a whole generation of kids who would grow up to become bloggers — is coming to DVD on July 24th, but this is the first I’ve seen of the trailer, so let me just reiterate my feelings on the subject: AWESOME.  WANT.

I’ve been re-watching Season 1 online at MTV, and it’s great to see how well most of the sketches have held up — everything is just so GD insane.  I hate to admit it, but a show like this — where an entire comedy troupe gets to air their vision of comedy intact — will probably never happen again, thanks to the Internet.  Sketch comedy that gets a viral video following may provide opportunities for individuals to become stars, but networks aren’t going to take a chance on an entire troupe.

Whoa, I just got nostalgic thinking about a time when MTV took chances with daring, edgy content.  And now it craps out shiny turds like “The Hills.”  I wonder who died or got fired over the course of 15 years to make that happen.  “All right, everyone, it’s gonna take a lot of effort to change our image, but we need to make everything stupider, top to bottom.”

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