‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Is Understandably ‘Pissed Off’ Over Trump’s Taxes

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah “never thought” he’d see a time when the United States president “would threaten not to accept an election defeat.” And I never thought the United States would have a president who spends 93 times more money on “hairstyling expenses” than he pays in federal income taxes. We were both wrong.

On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah discussed the New York Times exposé on the King of Debt’s taxes, and by discussed, I mean he’s pissed off. “Hold on, hold on. The president of the country almost never pays taxes? And when he does, he only pays $750?” he said. “Yo, that sh*t pisses me off. Because Trump is always out there like, ‘We’re building back our military.’ We? No, motherf*cker. We’re building back the military. You didn’t pay for shit. If you didn’t chip in, you don’t get to put your name on the card.”

Noah added that Trump paid $750 in taxes, compared to $130,000 in hush money for Stormy Daniels, “which means if the I.R.S. wants to get money from Trump, you guys know what you got to do.” The conversation then turned to Trump’s pricey haircare:

“Now it looks like two crimes might have been committed here: One is Trump’s tax evasion, and two is whoever swindled Trump into paying $70,000 for what they did to him. On the other hand, though, $70,000 for Trump’s hair might actually make sense. Because whoever did that needed to bend the law of physics, and I’m pretty sure that ain’t cheap.”

You can watch the clip above.

(Via Vanity Fair)