Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Showed Up On ‘The View’ (???) And Roasted Everyone (But Mostly Joy Behar)

Most of the time, the women of The View do a pretty good job of roasting each other, so they do not need to outsource to their guests or audience. But other times, for reasons that perhaps non-Viewers will never understand, The View just does stuff like invite Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to appear. And he sure did insult this table full of various opinionated women.

Unlike other dogs with normal attributes (cute, fun, and soft), Triumph and his ambiguous accent like to be mean. Unfortunately, it’s easy to do that to the women of The View. It happens a lot.

Triumph first took a stab at Joy Behar. “I was at Joy Behar’s 80th birthday party. I performed. Oh, what a night it was. It was open-bar and open-casket. Joy, you and I both got so drunk, we were fighting over who got to sniff Hillary Clinton’s chair,” the cigar-mouthed pup told the host. People thought it was funny, too. He continued, “You’re beautiful, she still looks beautiful, doesn’t she? 81 years old, now. Joy, you realize you’re 81, you’re old enough to run for president — and to watch The View! You’re right in the demographic of The View now,” he concluded.

Obviously, roasting Joy wasn’t enough, so he just put everyone on blast. “I kid, I love The View. It’s inspiring, it’s empowering. Women feel safe, here — except from other women,” he joked, seemingly referencing Alyssa Farah Griffin. “This show wasn’t affected by the actors’ strike was it?” Triumph asked. “I think you’re all excellent actors, like the way you four girls all act like you’re interested in Alyssa’s opinions.”

You can watch the raunchy dog here, if that’s how you want to spend your night.