‘Twin Peaks’ Addition Laura Dern Says The Revival Is ‘Brave’ And ‘Hilarious’

The road to a real, actual Twin Peaks revival series wasn’t an easy one, but now that fans find themselves just a few short months away from the series finally airing on Showtime it’s no surprise that people are looking for any details about the show they can get. Unfortunately for most excited parties, any details about the new story are few and far between. In true David Lynch style, the creator is being incredibly stingy about what he reveals and what he doesn’t in the lead up to the series’ return.

There’s the returning cast list of course, and a few cool posters that were recently released for Twin Peaks day, but other than those few breadcrumbs any other insight is basically non-existent. Fortunately, Laura Dern is here to save the day — at least a little bit. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the brand new member of the Twin Peaks universe said,

“It’s brave and fiery and deep, poignant and hilarious…You must always watch when David Lynch makes anything. I believe it’s what keeps art going. It should be a prerequisite.”

Dern has worked with David Lynch and Twin Peaks lead Kyle McLachlan before (Lynch multiple times), so even though she is a newcomer to this series she certainly knows what she is talking about when it comes to Lynch’s style and intent. She also made sure to express her excitement at the chance to be a part of the project, and urged people to tune in. Something tells us long time Lynch fans won’t have any trouble finding motivation to tune in.

(via Vanity Fair)