Tyra Is Retarded

05.04.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

This video first surfaced last week, but I didn’t get around to it because I’m not very good at my job. But I’m posting it now because it is by far and away the stupidest thing you’ll witness today, even if you work at retard camp or read “Lost” message boards.

To sum up this clip, Tyra Banks tells her audience that she was bitten by a dog. Then she drinks some water with her back to the camera. Then she foams at the mouth and pretends to be rabid. It’s the sort of overly long, poorly executed gag that I’d expect from a seven-year-old boy who eats paste.

It’s kind of a shame that the stunt wasn’t more believable. If one of the audience members had pulled out a pistol and gone “BLAM!” and scattered Tyra’s brain all over the rest of the audience, that would have been excellent television. I probably would have put the video up a lot sooner, too.


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