‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Trailer Stares Down The Barrel Of Another Apocalypse

The Umbrella Academy adapts the graphic novels by Gabriel Ba and My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, and the fan reception remains fiercely supportive. Netflix certainly knew what they were doing when they released a quarantine video that was an affectionate take on a beloved first-season scene, in which the cast danced to “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Now the anticipation grows for the second season (which arrives on July 31) with a trailer (including a new song from Way) that reveals how the Hargreeves siblings must now face yet another apocalyptic threat despite jumping back in time.

We were warned of this prophecy by Klaus (Robert Sheehan) himself:

Oh boy, Klaus is angry about the updated doomsday date ruining what he told his new hippie cult. As photos previously revealed, some time travel shenanigans are actually afoot, and the group is (mostly) in 1960s Dallas. Everything’s bigger in Texas, so one can assume that this apocalyptic threat will follow that rule. Five (Aidan Gallagher) screwed up, though, and finds himself in a war zone.

So, is this a pre-apocalypse apocalypse? It’s complicated. We last saw the Hargreeves siblings attempt to calm down the furious Varya (Ellen Page) while she used her recently discovered (by her) powers to embody the apocalypse that the group had aimed to prevent. Even while subdued, she inadvertently took a chunk out of the moon, which began to crumble down on earth, and Five used his powers to grab the group and get the hell out of there. Now they must find each other amid a fresh set of obstacles and hairdos. Godspeed.

The Umbrella Academy returns on July 31.