03.05.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Apparently, nobody in the 1970s used condoms, so your mom and all her customers got venereal diseases all up in their hairy bushes. Thankfully, this PSA was created to warn the public that anyone could get an STD. How did they do it? Easy: take a pleasant, lilting song called “VD Is for Everybody” and set it to various shots of different people: librarians, pregnant women, pre-teens putting on lipstick, babies — oh man, just think about all the people that slutty baby might have been with.

I like to pretend that kids who saw this didn’t know what VD was, so they were like, “Wow! VD is for everybody? I want some VD, too!” And that’s why creepy Uncle Lester wasn’t invited back next Christmas.

(thanks, kind of, to Danger Guerrerro)

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