Daryl Is ‘Ready To Go Kill Everybody’ When ‘The Walking Dead’ Returns

Daryl Dixon is inarguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead, so it couldn’t have been easy for his, um, overzealous fans to see him suffer throughout the first half of season seven. He was tortured, fed dog food sandwiches, forced to listen to the same obnoxiously peppy song for hours at a time, and he’s somewhat to blame for what happened to Glenn. It was a bleak eight episodes, but after escaping from the Sanctuary and reuniting with his friends in the midseason finale, things are looking up for Daryl.

“He wants revenge,” Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly about where Daryl’s at when The Walking Dead returns. “He’s ready to fight. When he goes back in that last episode and hands Rick back his stuff, it was like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go beat this guy up. Let’s go take what’s ours and fight this monster.’ So, you know, he’s in kill mode.” Reedus added, “I feel like he spent his time in the hole thinking about Glenn and thinking about Abraham. He took it very personal… Now he’s ready to get revenge. He’s ready to go kill everybody.”

Spoken like a true Big Ass Kicker.

The second half of The Walking Dead season seven begins on February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Roses are red, and so is blood…

(Via Entertainment Weekly)