Colin Jost Can’t Believe George Santos Possibly Lied About Producing ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ Either

What’s the weirder George Santos lie? That he’s Jewish. (He’s not.) That his mother died in 9/11. (She wasn’t even in New York at the time.) What about that he produced Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark? That’s the claim made recently, and if you’re scratching your head over why anyone, even the guy who lied about being a volleyball champ, would purport that he was involved in one of the biggest flops in Broadway history, so is Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost.

On the most recent SNL, Jost and Michael Che took some time to pounce on the latest round of news about the freshman GOP representative. Che took on the fact that Santos recused himself from the committee positions “to avoid distraction,” joking, “He added, ‘The last thing I want is attention,’ then he sashayed away in a feather boa,” over an image of heSantos as a drag queen (which he claims he only did briefly).

Jost, however, zeroed in on the alleged Broadway producer’s credit, which the team behind the infamous show denied was real. Jost said, “Though he did end up working with the Green Goblin,” prompting an image of Marjorie Taylor Greene in a green dress.

Jost also took on the Chinese balloon, which may or may not have been surveilling Americans and was shot down by the Air Force earlier in the day. He joked that it was “history’s most complicated gender reveal party.” He added, “Bad news for China: It’s a girl.”

As for Che, he addressed Florida’s AP African American history class, which had to be revised under orders from anti-woke crusader/governor Ron DeSantis, removing Black authors officials deemed “problematic.” Che cracked, “Instead they’ve been replaced with authors they call ‘one of the good ones.’”

You can watch the latest Weekend Update in the videos above and below.