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Better Off Ted (ABC) — This may very well be your last time to see it as part of ABC’s evening line-up.  There’s a decent interview with show clips here.

Rescue Me (FX) — I watched a movie about firefighters once.  It was called Backshaft.  A little thin on plot, but plenty of action, if you know what I’m talkin’ about.*  (*anal sex)

How the Earth Was Made (History) — Tonight’s episode examines the birth of the Hawaiian islands.  Don’t even TRY to tell me they’re more than 6000 years old!

Fringe (Fox) — “Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry/When I take you out in my surrey…”  What, no Rodgers & Hammerstein fans?  Um, me neither.  That singing was accidental.

My Boys (TBS) — This show is maddeningly erratic.  It has some funny scenes, but it’s like they gave half of the script-writing duties to people who’ve never seen men interact.

Deadliest Warrior (Spike) — “Yakuza vs. Mafia.”  Excellent match-up, actually.  I gotta lean towards yakuza.  They might be equally deadly, but the Japanese win with their twisted worldview.  They’ll go bowling at people’s heads.

The Phone (MTV) — This is the series that Justin Timberlake has been going around and pimping because he’s a producer.  But guess what, it’s on MTV so… **fart sound, thumbs down**

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