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Michael and Michael Have Issues (Comedy Central) — As I wrote before this site went public, I am massively excited about this Black/Showalter collaboration.  If it’s not funny, I will eat my hat.  Or at the very least, I shall eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese that symbolizes a hat.  Watch it or we can’t be friends. (Read more: the M&MHI blog; their interview with the Onion’s A.V. Club; this glowing review from the Boston Globe.)

Dark Blue (TNT) — Dylan McDermott stars in the series premiere of this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced police drama about super-secret way-undercover cops.  Too bad, I read the name of the show and was hoping it was about sharks.

Leverage (TNT) — Timothy Hutton’s back as the lead for Season 2 (I think it’s Season 2 — I didn’t feel like double-checking) of this series about con artists who target evil corporate bigwig types.  Thanks, guys.  Way to not stop the economy from collapsing.

The Philanthropist (NBC) — Are you watching this?  Stop it.  The only people who like this show are Madonna, Bono, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

America Has Talent (NBC) — It’s slightly more high-brow than “America Done Got Talent.”

Extreme Loggers: Ice Loggers (Discovery) — Season 2 premiere.  From Yahoo TV: “After an ice bridge is built, the race is on to haul valuable timber to the mill, but warming temperatures and equipment failures threaten to shut down operations.”  Oh no!  I sure hope their efforts to cut down arctic forests are successful! **commutes 90 miles in SUV**

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