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The Cougar (TV Land) — I don’t think I can say this any better than I did with

The A-List Awards (Bravo) — I think it’s cool that Kathy Griffin has established her own niche for talking about what jackasses celebrities are.  That said, if someone wanted to break her legs and push her into a tiger pit, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Better Off Ted (ABC) — This show’s gonna get canceled, so I don’t understand why I bother recommending it.  But still, if it’s this or “Gary Unmarried,” give “Ted” a chance.

The Unusuals (ABC) — While I’m recommending things, I may as well re-plug this show, if only for its excellent “Sabotage” video.  And oh yeah, there’s some show called “Lost” between the two shows mentioned above.

Stanley Cup Playoffs (Vs.) — Game 1 of Flyers versus Penguins.  It’s like regular hockey, only they’ve stopped shaving.  Watch now!  It’ll be over in a short two months!

In Treatment (HBO) — This season’s tack of five straight episodes on one night is better than last season’s one-a-night approach, but it still doesn’t work for me.  I’m sorry, but I find anyone in therapy too mentally weak to identify with.  Hey, watch me bend this lead pipe with my thoughts.  That’s telekinesis, Kyle.

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