When Will ‘The Chi’ Return To Finish Season 6?

(WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent The Chi episode will be found below.)

In the most recent episode of The Chi, viewers said goodbye to Kevin as he packed his things to head west to Los Angeles for a video game opportunity. We saw him party with family and friends before he walked out of his apartment, all for the final time. It turns out that this was also the last time we’ll see Kevin on the show as the actor who played him, Alex R. Hibbert, said goodbye to the show in an emotional Instagram post. Additionally, this recent episode marked the start of a mid-season break for The Chi, and that leaves us to ask…

When Will The Chi Return To Finish Season 6?

There is not an official premiere date for the second half of The Chi season six at the moment. Deadline reports that the first half of the season was written and filmed before the writer’s and actor’s strike began. The scripts for the second half of six may be complete, but production stopped on May 15 in solidarity with the writer’s strike. With that being said, it may be some time before The Chi returns to complete season six.

The first half of ‘The Chi’ season six is available through the Paramount Plus With Showtime plan. Seasons 1-5 of ‘The Chi’ are also available to stream now.