‘Will & Grace’ Teases Its Return With A Sneak Peek That Feels Plucked From A Bygone Must See TV Era

In an era of reboots, revivals and whatever it is we’re doing with mummies these days, it doesn’t seem that outrageous to get a surprise bonus run of Will & Grace inserted into our lives. (Heck, Roseanne‘s on the same track too.) Doing their part, Will & Grace appears to be diving back into the world it left in 2006.

A new “sneak peek” of the revived Must See TV sitcom has bubbled up featuring a mix of classic clips and some tiny snippets of the updated era. Aside from a collection of iPads laid out on the table and a saucy tidbit from Karen about Melania Trump, it can be sort of hard to distinguish what decade we’re in during this swirl of clips. We’re also presented with nice behind-the-scenes reunion moments too and the cast doing some friendly TV star in front of their character names, so it feels like throwback NBC all-around. Considering TV’s changed a lot since the show was on the air (Bryan Cranston was still Malcolm’s dad when we last left Will & Grace), there’s always the danger the show is treading the tightrope between warmly welcomed throwback and something that might not be of its time.

Not everything will remain the same, of course. The Trump era run of Will & Grace is being billed as more progressive than its last go-around according to its creators and stars.

“When we started it, it was revolutionary to have two gay characters,” said Debra Messing when W&G was in the spotlight at the 2017 TCA summer press tour. “My hope is that now we can finish the alphabet with gender identity…”

Will & Grace debuts in its revived state on September 28th on NBC. A second season of this incarnation of the show has already received the green light.