‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Getting Sad (And Mad) About A Certain Character’s Death All Over Again

Everyone (except Metallica’s accountant) is still mourning the death of Eddie Munson, the breakout character from Stranger Things season four played by Joseph Quinn. That’s no excuse for asking the actor who “killed” him on the show for an apology, but people grieve in different ways, I suppose.

It’s unlikely that Eddie will return in season five, except for maybe in a flashback, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from reading too much into tweets from the Stranger Things writers’ room Twitter account. They shared two photos of Quinn as Eddie, one in which he’s “feelin’ it,” and another where he’s not.

While it has not been confirmed nor denied whether the beloved character will be making an appearance in season five, fans have already begun speculating ways in which the character – who was killed off last season – could make an appearance in the new episodes.

Here are the tweets:

Let’s see how they’re going over with fans:

When asked at London Comic Con last month about a possible return in season five, Quinn said, “I mean, they’re shooting soon! I don’t know… I’d love to be – I died. I think it’s probably unlikely. That’s my honest answer.” Oh well. At least we’ll always Doja Cat trying to slide into his DMs.

Stranger Things is expected to return to Netflix in 2025.

(Via NME)