A Special ‘Wonder Woman’ Promo Aired During The ‘Supergirl’ Finale And Featured A Familiar Set Of Boots

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05.22.17 4 Comments

A superhero walks into a bar…

It might sound like a tired cliche of a joke, but that premise is exactly what happens in a surprise Wonder Woman promo that aired during the Supergirl season finale. The spot, which must be a sight for sore eyes for those who have been questioning the amount of marketing Warner Bros. has committed to for this installment in the DC Expanded Universe, features not just Melissa Benoist as Kara AKA Supergirl, but also Chyler Leigh (Kara’s sister Alex on the show), Teri Hatcher (who joined the show in Season 2 as an intimidating villain, and who is pretty familiar with being a part of a comic book adaptation), and Lynda Carter (the original Wonder Woman of course, who also happens to be President of the United States in the Supergirl universe).

In the promo, each woman finds themselves in National City’s alien bar playing pool or just hanging out, each wearing an amazing set of boots. But Kara’s boots beat them all because they are boots that none other than Wonder Woman herself gave Kara to wear. Or, as she puts it in the promo, they’re “from a friend.” It must be nice to have alien friends with such incredible wardrobes! Supergirl pulls them off quite well but not as stylishly as Wonder Woman does. Hate to break the bad news, Kara, but your superhero outfit is awesome in it’s own unique way. Wonder Woman doesn’t get to wear a cape, does she?!

The entire thing is set to the country classic “These Boots Are Made For Walking” because sometimes being as literal as possible is truly the best option.

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