Woody Harrelson Jokes About McConaughey In The All-Star Promo For The James Burrows Salute

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Tonight’s salute to TV director James Burrows is already set to bring out a few reunions for some of the most recognizable faces in television history. But it’s the all-star promo that leads off the show that seems to be worth the price of admission for the tribute, featuring a variety of stars of both modern sitcoms and the classics of the past mingling around with each other.

Ted Danson basically lives the role of his Curb Your Enthusiasm counterpart, taking a phone call in the middle of Star Wars to talk about James Burrows. Charlie Sheen is giving his confession to a priest, something he could likely use given recent events. And Woody Harrelson gets the best segment of all, making fun of Matthew McConaughey’s goofy Lincoln ads by auditioning for one himself.

It also turns out that Matt Leblanc is hanging out with Johnny Galecki and Patrick Warburton at the spa, which is odd given Leblanc has Friends money to spend. He could probably own his own spa and go for free if he liked — unless he’s returning to reunite with the cast of Joey for some reason.

It might be a night of good memories from a lot of legendary TV casts so it’s at least worth a look. If anything, we have Woody Harrelson trying to pull a McConaughey and failing miserably. Only one thing to do now if you’re Woody Harrelson. Finish opening up that weed shop in Hawaii and then start solving mysteries.

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