04.20.09 10 years ago 6 Comments

Oh boy.  Someone over at “60 Minutes” let Andy Rooney talk about taxes, and you’ll be shocked to learn that he doesn’t like paying them.  Thanks, Andy!  Voice of the people, that guy.

Rooney also thinks that individuals’ tax records should be public, which would make people proud of how much they paid, and also make the IRS look patriotic, and when he was a boy, you paid your taxes at the apple cart.  America needs more apple carts these days, not those ice cream trucks.  Driving an ice cream truck seems like a nice job, but I wouldn’t like to hear the same song all day.  If you wrote that song they play on the ice cream truck, you’d have a fortune, but also owe a lot in taxes.  You ever see a cloud that just looks delicious?

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