‘You’ Has Taken The Edge Off ‘Squid Game’ Domination By Topping The Nielsen’s Streaming Chart

After the South Korean series Squid Game basically dominated anything and everything in its path since making its massive debut on Netflix, the global phenomenon has been knocked out of its top spot on the U.S. Nielsen streaming chart by a surprising contender: You. The third season of the Penn Badgley-starring series, which was recently at the center of a very weird viral moment on Fox News, has officially dethroned Squid Game.

According to Deadline, You claiming the top spot for the week of October 18 to 24 wasn’t a close call either. The series racked up 2.7 million minutes of viewing, putting it far ahead of Squid Game:

The tally was more than double that of Squid Game, which remains the most successful original in Netflix history but is now in its second month of global release.

After starting out as a show on the Lifetime cable network, You shifted to Netflix for its second season and quickly expanded its following. The third season of the cheeky thriller starring Penn Badgely began streaming on October 15, so it had the benefit of a full week of viewing being captured.

Despite its juggernaut-like run starting to lose some momentum, Netflix is obviously very pleased with Squid Game and has already greenlit a second season. On top of that, the streaming giant is seemingly doing everything in its power to keep Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk happy. Three of his films were recently added to Netflix where they’re being lapped up by fans of the deadly (fictional) game show series.

(Via Deadline)