Casa Bonita Enthusiasts Have A ‘South Park’-Themed Theory About The Venue’s Mystery Grand Reopening Date

If South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone know when they will reopen the new and improved Casa Bonita (and surely they know), they are staying mum. Of course, they previously revealed that May is the magic month, so there’s only about a week left for the big reveal that already has people traveling across the country and planning entire vacations in the Lakewood, Colorado area, just in case they get lucky. Because according to neighboring businesses, Casa Bonita’s shroud of secrecy is like the CIA or something.

Well, some South Park fans believe that they now know when the doors will officially open, and everything has to do with the 14th Season episode that largely showcased Casa Bonita. And this theory — dudes, a real fan theory about Casa Bonita — makes note of how Kyle celebrated his birthday (May 26) at the eatertainment venue, so this must mean something. Maybe? Via local NBC affiliate 9 News, people are going there:

Why is this important? Because there’s a Casa Bonita connection.

In the “South Park” Casa Bonita episode, Kyle celebrates his birthday at the the iconic Lakewood restaurant.

Of course, the theory that Casa Bonita will open on May 26 because it’s Kyle’s birthday is only that: a theory, all in good fun, that some fans of the restaurant and the TV show are suggesting on social media.

Also “all in good fun”: people planning on a massive camp-out event in the parking lot, which will be a more chaotic situation than your local shopping mall at Christmastime. Or the grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving. Madness! Seriously though, Parker and Stone are apparently expecting millions of visitors annually, so expect a tourist attraction with the newfound “good” food on the menu.

(Via 9 News NBC)