Disney Appears To Be Trolling Ron DeSantis By Announcing A Big Pride Event Hours After His Latest Threat Against Them

Is it smart for Rob DeSantis to go to war with his state’s biggest employer? Or will he only succeed in rallying a fringe-y base and alienating everyone else? He’ll soon find out. He’s already cratering in the polls and losing billionaire donors over his increasing extremism, but that hasn’t stopped him from threatening to, among other things, build a prison by Disney World, all because they don’t hate LGBTQIA+ people. Are his antics scaring the mega-company? It appears not.

As per Raw Story, not long after the Florida governor’s latest threat, Disney announced their first-ever Disneyland After Dark: Pride Night. The event, scheduled for two nights in mid-June, would find them” celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community & allies will have themed entertainment, Disney characters, specialty menu items & more.”

It’s obviously Disneyland in Anaheim, California, not Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But it’s the same company and it shows them defiant against — or maybe at least willing to simply troll — anyone looking to turn back the clock in how the nation treats an increasingly large section of the company, to say nothing of the ever-growing number of allies amidst rightwing attacks.

No doubt Ol’ Puddin’ Fingers DeSantis is still steamed that Disney was able to circumvent his attempts to take over the land the Magic Kingdom occupies in his state. That he’s (again) getting his butt handed to him by the former president he’s attempted to emulate probably doesn’t hurt either. The guy clearly needs a win, but perhaps he won’t get one.

(Via Raw Story)