Eric Trump Tried To Threaten Republicans Into Overturning The Election, But No One Was Scared

Eric Trump has nothing on his older brother. He doesn’t get shouty at rallies or conventions. He doesn’t go on TV with curiously red eyes and blabber incoherently or record himself making sloppy motel rants. Alex Moffat’s portrayal of Eric on SNL as basically as a kind of sweet-natured idiot. So when he went on Hannity and tried to openly blackmail Republican lawmakers into helping them overturn the election his father lost, it, well, wasn’t that threatening.

It was the night before both chambers of Congress meet to count each state’s already certified Electoral College votes. A number of senators and House members have vowed to push back. It won’t work. Some people, including the outgoing president, think Mike Pence can stop it. He can’t. So Eric tried Plan Z: He threatened people.

“I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressmen — meaning on this side — that does not fight tomorrow, I’m telling you, their political career is over, because the MAGA movement is going nowhere,” Eric bellowed. “My father’s created the greatest political movement in American history, and I’m telling you, they will get primaried the next time around, and they will lose.”

Eric also repeated those threats over Twitter.

Honestly, “you will get primaried” isn’t too scary, even if you’re a weak-willed Republican politician who could spend the next couple years getting death threats on Parler. In fact, very few found Eric Trump — again, the other Trump son — exactly goonish.

Some, though, called Eric’s statement out for what it was: blackmail.

Some pointed out that his older brother is no one to aspire to.

And others reminded everyone about that time Eric scammed people donating to a cancer charity.