Gwyneth Paltrow Will Not Recover Her Legal Fees For The Utah Ski Trial (But She Will Get That Dollar)

After providing a highly entertaining diversion with her week-long ski trial in Utah punctuated with cozy winter looks and imminently meme-worthy moments, Gwyneth Paltrow will not be recouping her attorney fees despite scoring a decisive victory against retired optometrist Terry Sanderson.

Initially sued by Sanderson, who accused Paltrow of recklessly colliding into him on the slopes and skiing away after leaving him severely injured, The Royal Tenenbaums star filed a countersuit accusing Sanderson of crashing into her. Unlike Sanderson who sought over a million dollars in damages, Paltrow simply sued for $1 and the repayment of her legal fees. According to the latest court filing, she’s going to content herself with just the dollar.

Via Associated Press:

The judgment affirmed the jury’s unanimous verdict finding Terry Sanderson — the man who collided with Paltrow — to be “100% at fault,” awarding Paltrow the $1 she sought in a countersuit. It also said Sanderson would not appeal the verdict, effectively ending a protracted legal battle seven years after the two crashed on a beginner run near the base of Deer Valley Resort in Utah.

While neither side has commented on the latest filing, Paltrow’s team dropping the repayment of legal fees and Sanderson’s team not pursuing an appeal suggests that some sort of agreement was reached between the two parties. Sadly, this means Paltrow’s ski trial has officially come to an end, leaving the world deprived of stick figure drawings and intense questioning about Taylor Swift. Life’s cruel that way.

(Via Associated Press)