Julia Fox Doesn’t Sound Like She Enjoyed Her Time With Kanye West: ‘I Didn’t Sign Up For Two Babies. I Couldn’t Do It’

Julia Fox has one of several celebrity memoirs that are freshly in circulation. She isn’t oversharing nearly as much as a certain someone else, but it’s the nature of a memoir to, you know, reveal. As such, Julia has shared subjects like dominatrix tips for latex wearers, and of course, she had to discuss her situationship with Kanye West.

Thus far, she has revealed why there’s no sex stuff in the memoir — because there was no sex stuff between Julia and Kanye: “It wasn’t really about that.” And as she told Drew Barrymore this week, Kanye still wanted her attention 24/7, and as a new mom, that’s a nope. So she cut things short, via Decider:

“I had my son, and then he want to talk on the phone a lot, and I’d have to change diapers … I bought a pair of AirPods so I could keep it in while I was doing mom stuff. It was so overwhelming and so unsustainable …. Ultimately, I cannot put anybody else first. My son has to be first. It just became too much. I didn’t sign up to have two babies. I couldn’t do it. It felt like two babies.”


This sounds like zero fun. Fox also revealed that she imagined their relationship would stay secret, but that someone (“it wasn’t me”) leaked the scoop, and the rest was coordinated wardrobe-hell history. Fox has also declared that Kanye wanted her to get a “boob job” and that she only agreed to date him so that he’d leave Kim Kardashian alone.

And they say that romance is dead.

(Via Decider)