Kelly Clarkson Burst Into Laughter After Howard Stern Asked When She Would Date Pete Davidson After Her Divorce

Pete Davidson doesn’t think that he dates that many women, and he’s not thrilled with jokes on the subject. Deserved or not, he does have a reputation, due to not only that Ariana Grande exclamation but also the high-profile status of the women that he frequently dates. A running quip, quite often, is that a divorcing female celebrity might soon be hooking up with Pete, and Howard Stern of course ran with that ball.

Enter Kelly Clarkson, who has been rather busy with her talk show and a new album (Chemistry) and is newly single after divorcing Brandon Blackstock in 2022. Stern could not resist broaching the subject around the 0:45 mark above: “How long will it be before I see you dating Pete Davidson?”

Clarkson immediately burst into laughter. “Here’s the thing,” she offered. “Pete is cute, and he’s funny.” She added, “I don’t picture us dating, but people always give him such sh*t … Pete Davidson, you are wonderful, but no, I am not looking.”

Nothing against Pete, but good on Kelly. And in response to inquiries about Tom Brady, Clarkson countered that no one wants to follow in Giselle’s footsteps, which is a fair point. Also very important: “I think I’m over the trauma [of the breakup], I just really enjoy me right now.”

No really: “I just don’t want to [date] right now. It just seems, like, exhausting.”

You heard the woman. Enjoy some naps, Kelly!