Lauren Boebert Got Called Out For Hypocrisy After Expressing Disgust Over Alec Baldwin’s Dropped Charges In The Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting

Eighteen months after cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on the Rust set, prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against the film’s lead (as well as producer), Alec Baldwin. This has been a long and winding saga involving Alec’s continued insistence that he never fired the gun despite an investigation to the contrary. At this time, however, Baldwin is off the hook for involuntary manslaughter, due to prosecutors becoming aware of “new facts” that will receive “further investigation and forensic analysis.”

As well, charges do get dropped if prosecutors don’t have enough evidence for a solid case, so there could be technicalities involved, some of which the general public is not aware. No matter the cause, though, Lauren Boebert made sure to air her disgust over this outcome, which she suggests is proof that “[l]iberal privilege is real.”

Quickly, those who responded to Boebert came at her from a few places. That includes Kyle Rittenhouse’s “not guilty” verdict after he did pull the trigger (and claimed self-defense) on the gun that killed Kenosha protesters in 2020. As well, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has lauded Rittenhouse as “bright, decent, sincere, dutiful, and hard-working.” So a few sarcastic replies surfaced towards Boebert.

People also wonder why Boebert is arguably glossing over her own arrest record and that of her husband, Jayson, who exposed himself in a bowling alley.

Boebert and her husband seem to be doing just fine despite their former legal troubles and more recent allegations that Jayson Boebert tried “to fight with everyone” during a neighborhood conflict.

Some also brought up the report about how Boebert’s eldest teen son, Tyler, skipped a court mandatory date related to a September 2022 car accident, which resulted in misdemeanor charges. Tyler had accepted a plea deal that reduced his charges for the accident that put a friend in the hospital. There’s been no further news about the allegedly skipped court date (for which a Boebert source claimed that she wasn’t aware of), and people are scratching their heads in light of Boebert’s comments on “liberal privilege.”

Meanwhile, Boebert might be concerned about her return rival, Adam Frisch, going in hard on fundraising after barely losing to her in 2022. Overall, she’s not having the best week.