An Apparent Lauren Boebert Job Listing Could Not Be Phrased More Awkwardly Amid Her ‘Beetlejuice’ Groping Scandal

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is looking for a helping hand. Oh no.

The Beetlejuice groper‘s ability to accidentally remind everyone of her ongoing scandal really has gotten out of hand this week, and now, an apparent job listing for her congressional office is doing her no favors.

This is happening following Boebert’s own ill-advised references to “joy” and “encounters at the Southern border,” along with a messy declaration about a “theater.” Boebert then deflected by making anti-trans statements, and I’m not sure if she thought that would make everyone forget about Beetlejuice (or the drag show hosted by Democrat Bar Guy‘s cocktail joint), but no dice.

Also, there is no telling whether Daybook, a political and non-profit job-posting platform, fully intended to phrase this announcement in this manner, but wow. “Job Opportunity!” read the corresponding tweet. “Congresswoman Lauren Boebert seeks a Digital Director based in Washington D.C.”

If one follows the link, the subject matter appears to be very serious stuff, but that doesn’t make the terminology any less embarrassing.

Presumably, this position will be hands on with all digits, and yes, everyone is thinking the same thing, fairly or not. I’m guessing that there will be a lot of responses to this listing, although they might not be the kind that Boebert’s office was expecting. As you can tell from these replies, people really can’t help themselves at this point.

So much cringe from all directions.