Lauren Boebert Is Rootin’ Tootin’ Outraged Over The ‘Absolutely Absurd’ Conditions Of Trump’s Bail In Georgia

“Quiet Republican Lady” Lauren Boebert must not have been thrilled to have posed for a photo op in Rico, Colorado mere hours before Trump was indicted for the fourth time under RICO. The MAGA congresswoman went on to attack the credibility of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and this move got served right back to her. And with Trump apparently preparing to surrender himself for a mugshot on Thursday and claims that he will “proudly” do so.

Boebert, on the other hand, is steaming mad over the terms of Trump’s bail. Granted, she should probably be slightly pleased that he was granted bail because Willis must know that Trump will almost certainly violate these terms, but nonetheless, the rooter and tooter declared that these rules are “absolutely absurd” during an appearance on Real America’s Voice:

The truth is, they are not just going after President Trump, they are going after We The People, and we cannot allow this to continue… even to go so far as to say that he cannot post on social media? This is absolutely absurd, and I believe that’s probably in conjunction with his interview with Tucker Carlson that is scheduled during the Republican debate that’s going to dominate the airwaves, rather than giving highlight to a bunch of no-name candidates…

Meanwhile, we still do not know whether Boebert has absorbed the 98-page indictment of Trump’s charges in Georgia, but Boebert surely made up her mind whether she read that material or not. Also on Trump’s calendar: a high-rolling fundraiser for Rudy Giuliani. How many people will pay $100,000 per head to attend? We might soon find out.