Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Latest Headache Of A Covid Tweet References… ‘Office Space’?

Rifle Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) can’t quit the Twitter. She recently got buried in an avalanche of scorn after a particularly hysterical tweet about the U.S.-Mexico border situation. This followed a disastrous toilet joke and basically blaming God for her place in Congress. No one will ever forget her praise of the Taliban, so what’s Boebert offering up in her latest head-scratcher of a tweet?

She’s, uh, referencing the Office Space boss and his “that would be great” non-catchphrase, and she’s doing so while sarcastically (?) suggesting that it’s dumb to expect everyone to take Tylenol to cure someone else’s headache. It’s a mind-numbingly ineffective attempt to rationalize her disagreement with how herd-immunity-by-vaccination can help keep everyone from getting sick from a virus.

Unfortunately, we must note that Boebert did not graduate high school and has spoken about passing the GED exam not too long before being elected to the House. She can’t be making GED earners too happy with her persistent misspellings, and people aren’t thrilled with her straw-man argument which makes zero sense because headaches aren’t communicable, and therefore, they’re not even comparable to Covid.

Also worth noting: in the 1980s, less than 10 deaths prompted a massive Tylenol recall by Johnson & Johnson, who later transformed the face of the over-the-counter packaging game. That could be a lesson for Boebert (but it likely won’t be).