Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Nailed By A Rarely Successful (And Savage) Dunking From President Biden

Marjorie Taylor Greene truly must be the Ultra-MAGA Energizer Bunny of Congress. She continues to stumble into her own traps — while not seeing the point of Chris Stapleton’s involvement with the Super Bowl’s Black National Anthem showcase and while accidentally proving her own point about declining math literacy — and of course, she has spent a lot of time heckling President Biden. Admittedly, he is not too great at firing barbs back (like his predecessor), but that’s also a strength in a way because, hey, it’s now a novel sight for a president to not spend his whole day on Twitter.

Biden must have had finally had enough, though, of Greene heckling him during both of his State of the Union addresses so far. She also came for him with a grievous numerical flub (on illegal immigration) that felt like more than a typo, and this week, she falsely claimed that Biden should be on the hook for fentanyl deaths that actually went down during President Trump’s time in office. A Greene spokesperson responded to CNN’s fact checking with curse words and scorn, but Biden is now talking back.

Actually, he pulled off a rarely successful set of Biden zingers while reacting to House Democrats. It was downright savage.

“A little bit more of Marjorie Taylor Greene and a few more and you’re going to have a lot of Republicans running our way,” Biden began. “Isn’t she amazing?

He continued: “She was saying that a poor mom that lost two kids, that I killed her sons. The interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration.”

People loved to see the public pushback. Not only did Joe’s built-in audience of Dems hand him a standing ovation, but Twitter users were also pleasantly surprised to see this happen.

Sleepy Joe woke up. Now let him have a nap because we could all use one.