Democrats Are Pleading With GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy To Do Something About Marjorie Taylor Greene Before Her Absurd Antics ‘Lead To Violence’

In a letter to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, over 40 Democrats are calling for “immediate action” to rein in controversial Q-Anon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. While McCarthy made an attempt to soften Greene’s rhetoric earlier in the year, she’s only ratcheted up the crazy, and her recent appearance at Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio has her colleagues justifiably concerned that her actions “could lead to violence against members of Congress.”

The letter cites Greene’s “unacceptable level” of behavior, which includes her recent attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Ohio Trump rally. Greene called AOC a “little communist” and “not an America” before joining in a chant to “lock her up.” The House Democrat members warn that Green is stirring up the segment of Trump’s base, which has already shown signs of violence during the January 6 on the U.S. Capitol building. Via CNN:

“Rep. Greene’s conduct does not comport with what we expect from a member of the House of Representatives,” the letter reads. “Moreover, we are extremely concerned that her conduct is creating an unsafe work environment for members, and that her actions could lead to violence against members of Congress.”

Of all the House Republicans, Greene has shown the greatest penchant for latching onto dangerous conspiracy theories and right-wing attacks. She’s physically stalked AOC in the halls of Congress, called Biden’s COVID vaccine passports “The Mark of the Beast,” and posted an anti-trans sign outside of her office specifically to harass a House member with a trans child. And that’s just a taste of Greene’s day-to-day insanity.

(Via CNN)