Thirst Trap Queen Martha Stewart Has A Good Reason For Why She Doesn’t Wear Underwear

The next time you see Martha Stewart at the farmer’s market or hanging outside the dispensary, you should know that she’s probably not wearing underwear. The lifestyle icon told Page Six that she only wears swimsuits under her clothes “just in case” she “wants to go swimming.”

You never know when inspiration for a thirst trap will strike.

While attending the the Old Bags Luncheon in West Palm Springs, Florida (likely place for her to be), Stewart said, “Bathing suits are my underwear. I don’t wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no Skims for Martha. But I love Skims. I think they serve a very good purpose — but I don’t wear those. I only wear Aerie bathing suits under my clothes.” She isn’t worried if Skims founder Kim Kardashian is going to be mad at her because a) she’s Martha Stewart, and b) “she knows I don’t wear Skims.”

The 82-year-old grandmother-of-two — who is about to publish her 100th book — already has a vast business portfolio herself, of course. But she tells us she’s also had a business boost from her relationship with her buddy Snoop Dogg.

“We work on a lot of projects together, like with Bic lighters, wine,” Martha said. “We are also working on Skecher shoes. He’s more than a rapper to me. He is an excellent businessman.” No wonder Trump doesn’t like Snoop. He sees him as competition.

(Via Page Six)