Megan Boni, Of ‘Man In Finance’ TikTok Fame, Revealed She Quit Her Job After Signing A Licensing Deal

The “Man In Finance” woman no longer needs a man in finance. Today (May 28), Billboard reported that Megan Boni, the TikTok user behind the “Man In Finance” viral trend signed a deal with Capitol/Polydor/Virgin Germany.

For content, the sound was first shared in a video Boni made on April 30, in which, she parodies independent artists rhetorically asking “Did I just write the song of the summer?”

In the clip, Boni asks “Did I just write the song of the summer?” She then lists requirements for a man who wishes to be her lover.

“I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5”, blue eyes,” Boni said in vocal fry. The sound has since been remixed by several EDM producers and DJs, including David Guetta, Alesso, Loud Luxury and Billen Ted.

In a Billboard interview, Boni admitted she never expected the sound to take off the way that it did.

“I just thought it would be funny to make a video making fun of those single girls who are always complaining about being single,” said Boni, “but yet they want an impossible laundry list of things in a boyfriend, and by the way, that’s myself included.”

But once it started gaining traction, her friend, music manager Amanda Rovitz, along with entertainment lawyer Todd Rubenstein had Boni on phone calls with record labels in less than a week.

The deal is only a licensing agreement for the “Man In Finance” to allow producers to use the sound. So don’t expect a full length album from Boni in the future.

“I won’t make more music unless it’s a parody… but I am definitely behind this song,” said Boni.

Boni also noted that she plans to tap into her creativity full time.

“I put in my two weeks last Thursday,” said Boni. “I’m really excited for what’s next.”