Pete Davidson Reportedly Began Listening To Kris Jenner’s Advice Before Word Of His Impending ‘SNL’ Departure Arrived

Pete Davidson’s hasn’t been on SNL as long as Kenan Thompson, of course (because no one has), but eight years ain’t nothing to scoff at. He joined the cast in 2014 at age 20 and has kept jokes about his mom’s basement going strong all along. He’s also earned the admiration of Martha Stewart and the contempt of Ted Cruz (both of them equally coveted) by dating a string of lovely Hollywood ladies. Of course, he’s currently dating Kim Kardashian, and although he’s not tapped to appear on this season of Hulu’s The Kardashian, it appears that he’s getting growing tight with the family.

A source that spoke with Us Weekly (which is totally not Kris Jenner) has revealed that (ever since Kim’s divorce from Kanye West went through), it’s been on like Donkey Kong because Kim and Pete can now “attend events together and be in public.” They attended the White House Correspondents Dinner together and the Met Gala, and they’re apparently as close as can be. And with word of Pete being expected to leave SNL leaving following this season’s finale, it’s worth going back to note the Us report, which details how being around the Kardashians has made Pete think more about the future. He’s got “longevity” in mind and even looks to Kris for advice. Here’s an excerpt:

“[T]he insider revealed that Kardashian, 41, has influenced Davidson’s outlook on his future, saying, “Kim has also made Pete grow up in a big way and think about his future and business in a huge way. He’s investing, saving and thinking about longevity for the first time. He goes to Kris [Jenner] for advice.”

Of course, it must be mentioned that Pete’s movie career has been on the upswing for a handful of years. There was the starring role in Judd Apatow’s The King of Staten Island and a tinier-but-still-high-profile turn in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. And there’s much more on the way, including an A24 movie, which says a lot about his booming cred. He may or may not actually be listening to Kris, but whatever he was doing already has been working, so good on ya, Pete.

(Via Us Weekly)