The QAnon Cult (You Know, The One That Thinks JFK Jr. Is Still Alive) Has Named A 13-Year-Old Child As Its New Leader

The QAnon cult that once gathered in Dallas, Texas hoping to see the resurrection of John F. Kennedy Jr. has a new leader: a 13-year-old girl known only as “Tiny Teflon.”

Michael Protzman, a demolition expert from Washington state, has been largely leading the cult via his Telegram channel in 2021, using a bastardized version of Jewish numerology, gematria, to predict world events. In November of that year, Protzman claimed that the deceased son of the late president would reveal himself to be alive, having fought a secret war against the sex cabal currently running the country’s government from the shadows. JFK, Jr. was supposed to reappear at the spot his father was shot and declare Donald Trump president once more. That obviously didn’t happen, and when Protzman died from injuries sustained from a dirt bike accident in June of 2023, the family and friends of members of his cult hoped the group would disband and their loved ones would come home.

Instead, a pre-teen girl whom Protzman named his protege when he was still alive has taken up his mantle.

“Tiny Teflon” was named as an administrator to Protzman’s Telegram account months before his death but she rarely posted and only appeared in videos with Protzman where the two would use gematria to make wild predictions using everything from Smurf movies to Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2. Following Protzman’s death, the young girl has stepped in, hosting live chats on his channel and broadcasting her “decodes” to his tens of thousands of followers.

“It’s worrying to see this young girl be put on a pedestal by a bunch of adults after the passing of Protzman,” a researcher who goes by the alias Karma and has been closely monitoring the group told VICE.

Tiny Teflon has already stated her intention to recruit more children into the cult saying, “I definitely think I’m gonna have more kids involved in this. I definitely want to help out with kids and teaching gematria, it’d be so much fun. Maybe they could share more code, because I don’t want to be talking the entire time when I do this show in the future. So I’ll definitely think of having kids share codes and teach what they know too.”

Karma says platforming the young girl, and using her to indoctrinate children into the group, is a worrying new development they intend to pay even more attention to. “I believe it’s too early to see where she will fit into the group dynamics right now, it’s definitely something I will be keeping a close eye on,” they told VICE. “For a group who have claimed to be all about ‘saving the children’ using a child to push your own beliefs is disgusting and disturbing.”

(Via VICE)