Rudy Giuliani Is Begging People For Donations After Appearing In Front Of The January 6th Committee

Rudy Giuliani is not above many things, including: marrying his cousin, farting in court, selling birthday greetings on Cameo, screaming at a heckler during the Celebrate Israel parade, attempting to overturn a presidential election, and desperately begging his supporters for cash by reminding people that he and Trump were once BFFs and swearing that he didn’t rat on him when he was called in front of the January 6th committee.

Last Friday, Giuliani made a virtual appearance before the panel investigating the violent insurrection of January 6, 2021. As Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Rudy’s testimony has been hotly anticipated. But now the former New York City mayor is using the opportunity to try and raise money for his legal defense fund by swearing that he was a good boy and didn’t tell the committee a thing.

According to Bloomberg, Giuliani blasted out an email following his appearance on May 20 in which he assured his supporters that he didn’t let anything leak, then asked them to throw him a few shekels.

“They’d love nothing more than to take down the lawyer who successfully defended President Trump from endless witch hunts—especially when other lawyers were too afraid to go forward,” Rudy’s email read, adding that the left “is furious that I rightly invoked the attorney-client and executive privilege that I have with President Trump.”

Whether or not Giuliani can invoke attorney-client privilege to avoid having to testify against his former boss is a question that has intrigued the legal community for years, though most experts have stated that while it might allow for some of Rudy’s communications with the former president to remain confidential, it’s not likely to be an invincible shield.

As Bloomberg’s Billy House wrote:

The Jan. 6 committee said earlier this year it wanted to ask Giuliani about any roles played by specific members of Congress in a scheme to stop Congress’s certification of President Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6 of last year.

In a letter accompanying the subpoena for Giuliani’s testimony, Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson wrote that the committee wanted to ask Giuliani about his role in urging Trump to direct the seizure of voting machines around the country as part of the plan to convince state legislatures to overturn the election results.

While being suspected of aiding and abetting a sitting president in trying to overturn the results of a totally legitimate election is certainly no small-time crime, Giuliani’s got bigger fish to fry—and bills to pay. Rudy’s constant complaints about America’s voting machines being fixed led Dominion Voting Systems, which manufactures many of the country’s voting machines, to sue Rudy for a whopping $1.3 billion. Given that Trump has essentially turned his back on him, and won’t pay any of his legal fees—or invoices—no wonder he’s got to beg his email list for help. Someone’s got to pay for his ginormous shorts.

(Via Bloomberg)