Did ‘The View’ Really Just Agree With The Viral TikTok Video Saying ‘SNL’ Doesn’t Hire Hot Women?

Earlier this week, a TikTok video went viral after a creator named Jahelis Castillo boldly claimed that Saturday Night Live doesn’t hire hot women. The video prompted reactions from SNL cast members, and now, The View is chiming in. However, it appears that the co-hosts actually agree with Castillo.

Essentially, Castillo argues that if a woman is too “hot,” it will override how funny she is “then it boils down to you just not being funny at all.” Joy Behar, who’s been a well-known comedian for decades, couldn’t agree more.

“First of all, it’s a comedy show, not a beauty pageant. It’s not for men to ogle women who are trying to get a laugh,” Behar said. “No one’s going to laugh at what you say if they’re too busy looking at your boobs.”

However, Behar eventually tempered her comments by applying the same rule to male SNL cast members and making it a point to note that the women on the show are still attractive.

Via Deadline:

“Belushi and Chris Farley were not my exact ideal dates. The men [on SNL] are not that hot – hot meaning sexy, because I think that’s what they mean, because the women are attractive, obviously. You don’t have to be a dog to be funny. But if you’re hugely, hugely model level, no one’s going to laugh. That’s why Gisele Bündchen is not funny.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin also agreed with the TikTok video’s premise by noting that the show doesn’t have any “Beyoncés or Brad Pitts.” She even brought up Jacob Elordi‘s recent episode, which ran into the issue of him being “one of the hottest guys on the planet.”

“He was funny but every skit was about how he’s attractive, because it can be a distraction,” Griffin said.

It should be noted that Whoopi Goldberg wanted nothing to do with the discussion, and once again, the co-hosts did not listen to her as predicted.

(Via Deadline)