I Guess Dan Rather And Ted Cruz Are Fighting On Twitter Now

Ted Cruz will never live down his ill-advised decision to flee to sunny Cancun while his Texas constituents froze during a power crisis. The much-maligned senator, however, shows himself to not take a hint when people keep coming for him. He’s keen to also self-own, like he’s done while lurking in the bushes at the U.S.-Mexico border and standing in a crumbled home while visiting Israel on Memorial Day. Yet Cruz also can’t resist a good, old-fashioned Twitter fight, as the noted The Princess Bride superfan did while sparring with Cary Elwes. Who’s Ted fighting with now? Dan Rather.

Yep, a sitting senator is duking it out (from behind a keyboard) with a veteran news anchor. To be fair, Rather threw the first punch after Ted appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to suggest that COVID mandates (mask, vaccine, etc.), or “papers,” of any sort are basically totalitarianism at its finest. Rather responded to the interview with a zinger: “Don’t you have to show your papers to get on a flight to Cancun, and check into a luxury hotel?”

Boom. Well, Ted never can resist pushing back, so he dragged out the time that Rather apologized for not properly verifying (in 2004) a set of documents about George W. Bush’s National Guard service. Cruz busted in and went further with that story while accuisng Rather of directly counterfeiting the papers by himself (which wasn’t what happened). “You were so partisan & dishonest that CBS fired you for fraud, which is really saying something,” Cruz declared. “So now you’re an angry Leftist who reflexively defends Dems & authoritarian mandates.”

Cruz calling anyone partisan is rich as heck. Also, he’s very sensitive for a guy who helped incite an insurrection and then hopped on a plane to abandon his constituents. And Twitter had no problem pointing this out.