Of Course Ted Cruz Clutched His Pearls Over Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ Performance, And (Of Course) People Pounced On Him

Last night’s Grammys featured a performance from Sam Smith and Kim Petras, who got theatrical with their “devilish” rendition of “Unholy.” The performance was a knockout, but it’s par for the course that something will upset conservatives during the course of the annual event. Remember when people got mad at Lady Gaga for her 2015 performance that was supposedly filled with Illuminati references? Yeah, that happens. And Ted Cruz was all too willing to lose it over Sam Smith’s inferno-evoking set full of whips and chains and a reference to Samara from The Ring.

(To be fair, Ted Cruz allegedly likes other costumes more. So there’s that.)

“Unholy” did win the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and surely, Sam Smith does not care that some conservatives are anything but happy about any allusion to the darker side. That’s exactly what’s happening on social media, and Ice Storm Weasel Ted Cruz (who maybe should be worried about other things, like his state’s failing power grid) was quick with a complaint: “This…is…evil.”

Naturally, people fired back at Ted and told him to “clutch pearls harder,” but also, this Footloose joke hit the mark.

Earlier in the evening, Ted let the world know that he was unhappy about the Pfizer ad at the end of Smith’s performance. Is that a suggestion that vaccination is “evil” as well?

People also dragged Ted for freaking out, not remembering how controversial Kid Rock used to be, and yes, ignoring his own state.