Timothee Chalamet Shut Down Those Selena Gomez/Kylie Jenner Feud Rumors

Nearly a year and a half after the Harry Styles/Chris Pine Spitgate drama gave us a reason to believe in the internet again, The Golden Globes have gifted us its successor.

Over the weekend, the A-list-littered awards show spawned a flood of memes and threads on social media — most were related to Jo Koy’s bomb of an open. But, during a commercial break, a keen-eyed cameraman emerged as an unexpected hero, breaking through the monotony of rich celebrities congratulating each other on doing their jobs well to give us a juicy plot twist. Selena Gomez — an artist/actress fans are convinced would thrive in an office setting — was caught spilling tea in the ear of her friend, pop superstar Taylor Swift while Keleigh Sperry looked on in shock.

The timeline went wild with speculation that Gomez was relaying her interaction with PDA-happy lovebirds Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner. Fans filled in the gaps, claiming Gomez had asked Chalamet for a picture and was quickly rebuffed by Jenner — the two have been involved in feud rumors in the past. Think pieces were constructed, lip readers were drafted, and a melee of the silliest and most satisfying type of low-stakes drama ensued.

But now, Chalamet is here to ruin the fun.

According to the Willy Wonka actor — who was chased on the streets of Beverly Hills by TMZ last night — there’s absolutely no beef between Gomez and his new girlfriend. When asked if he and Gomez were cool, Chalamet responded, “Yeah, of course.” He also added that the trio were “all good” and affirmed nothing had happened at the awards show over the weekend. A source also told People that Gomez “was absolutely not referencing anything about Timothée or Kylie” in the clip that’s been making its rounds on social media.

This is why we can’t have nice things guys.