40 Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes On A Budget

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Jyn Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) by Starbit Cosplay.

Last Updated: October 9th

Halloween is almost upon us, so it’s the perfect time to binge horror movies, visit the haunted-est houses, and make your own costumes. We’ll be sharing costume ideas in the coming weeks, kicking off with these cheap, homemade Halloween costumes culled from Creative Commons and social media. We’re hoping you’ll find a fun costume that isn’t a pain to replicate, because it’s Halloween, not “take on debt for an outfit to get drunk in” day.

Ready to roll? Here we go!

Kim Possible costume by _sarah_pagee_.

This one requires green or brown cargo pants, a black crop top (or tie the shirt at the midriff), and long red hair or a wig. Bonus points if you add dark gloves and comfortable, plain black shoes.

Damian (Mean Girls) costume by nativegirl661.

This one is ridiculously simple and good for cold weather. Just don some black sunglasses, bundle up in a blue hoodie, and make a cheap sign.

Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, made with $25 worth of materials (including mattress foam and spraypaint) by LordBrandon.

Admission: It isn’t easy (he used 3D modelling software and a projector to draw the pattern onto the foam) but it was definitely cheap compared to the “wow” factor. Brandon explained more about the build here.

“Identity Thief” by ladiegladiator.

Heading to #Halloween party! #IdentityTheftCostume

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This one’s dead simple. Just pick up a pack of name badge stickers at a dollar store or office supply chain. (I’ve seen packs of 100 for around $8, for example.)

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