This Couple’s Excitement To Go To Homecoming Reminds Us That There’s Lots Of Joy Still Left

By: 09.20.16


School dances: They’re either awesome because someone snuck in a wine cooler (“still alcohol!” as all those health class videos cautioned) and the teachers let you dance real close, or terrible because the music is awful and the chaperones are wandering around making sure no one is within five feet of each other. But while some people will fret for weeks about what they’re wearing and get upset if they can’t get a reservation at a fancy restaurant before (pro tip: The Olive Garden does not accept reservations), others are just really, really, really excited to show up and dance the night away, regardless of anything else going on.

Today you’re going to meet two of those people. Their names are Elise and EJ, and if “being excited for an optional school event” was a competition, no one else would even be in the running. The video description for what you’re about to see is fairly sparse: Two teens, both with special needs, are going to the homecoming dance. But what the description is missing (and the video conveys 300 percent) is how much zest for living the kids have. And also the fact that they’re the only ones keeping that godawful “Shut Up and Dance” monstrosity alive in 2016. Walk The Moon should send them their entire storehouse of tour merchandise before the record company sets it on fire.

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