There Is Now An Official Katy Perry Super Bowl Halftime Show Left Shark Costume For Sale

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It's been a month since the Left Shark danced into our lives and now Katy Perry has concocted a way to bring us closer to his grace.


Doug Baldwin Finally Explains His Super Bowl Touchdown Pooping Celebration

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The Seattle receiver's celebration was meant for Patriots' cornerback Darrelle Revis.

#Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Visited A Boston Children’s Hospital As Star-Lord To Pay Off His Super Bowl Bet

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Chris Pratt paid off that incredible Super Bowl bet with Chris Evans by visiting Boston children's hospital Christopher’s Haven in character as Star-Lord.

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This Crazy Drunken Super Bowl Party Had 750 Jell-O Shots And A Penis-Shaped Ice Luge

By | 8 Comments

'Morgan's Epic Jell-O Shot Challenge Super Bowl Party BBQ' was probably more fun than your Super Bowl party.

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Creationists Are Pissed Off About Carnival Cruises’ ‘Come Back To The Sea’ Ad

By | 38 Comments

Will Creationists be boycotting Carnival Cruises after this evolution-themed new commercial?


Bonobos Has Launched A Kickstarter To Hook Us All Up With Katy Perry Halftime Show Shark Suits

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The online retailer asked Twitter followers to RT their support for #SharkSuits.

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Triple H Chopped Crotch With A UFC Champion And Super Bowl Champion At The Same Time

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Three championship wieners being gestured at in one picture? Don't see that every day.


Someone Has Already Gotten A Dancing ‘Left Shark’ Super Bowl Halftime Show Tattoo

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If there's a better idea than getting a short-lived internet meme permanently tattooed on your body, we sure can't think of it.

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‘I Think It’s A F*cking Puppet': Jon Stewart And Martin Short Debate Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Tiger

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Jon Stewart and Martin Short got down to business to figure out what WAS going on with Katy Perry's Super Bowl tiger.

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Watch Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, And Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Photobomb People At The Super Bowl

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Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, And Jimmy Fallon photobombed people on the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet in Phoenix.

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Keith Olbermann Takes Pete Carroll To The Woodshed For The ‘Dumbest Super Bowl Loss Ever’

By | 26 Comments

Just when you thought you'd heard every criticism of the Seahawks under the sun, Keith Olbermann calls for the Seahawks to BLOW. IT. UP.


B.J. Novak Had The Best Response To Mindy Kaling’s Nationwide Commercial

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B.J. Novak had the most adorable and sappy tweet about Mindy Kaling's Nationwide Super Bowl commercial.


Did Katy Perry Make A Subtle Jab At Taylor Swift During Her Halftime Show?

By | 16 Comments

We think Katy Perry was DEFINITELY making a jab at Taylor Swift with these backup dancers.


50 Questions About The Dancing Sharks From Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

By | 25 Comments

Katy Perry took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show with two dancing sharks. Understandably, we have a few questions.

Nationwide kid

Nationwide Issues A Statement About Their ‘Dead Kid’ Ad, Isn’t Sorry For Being A Buzzkill

By | 29 Comments

Nationwide issues an official statement after the social media response to their somber ad featuring a dead child.


Stephanie McMahon And Joel McHale Ran Smack At Each Other Via Twitter At The Super Bowl

By | 35 Comments

Forget the football game, there was an epic WWE/Community showdown happening in the stands!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Esurance Super Bowl Commercial Was… Pretty Good, Actually?

By | 10 Comments

Lindsay Lohan pulled off making fun of herself really well in her Esurance Super Bowl commercial.

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