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You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Duck Dynasty-Brand Guns

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Yes, for the low, low price of $509, you could own a Duck Dynasty semi-automatic rifle! GUNS FOR EVERYBODY!


Here’s Video Of Snoop Dogg Fist-Bumping Secretary Of State John Kerry In The White House


Snoop Dogg, America's crown prince of marijuana smoking, sure has come a long way from being charged with murder in the 90s.

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This Time-Lapse Video Of A Cross-Country Journey May Make You Want To Quit Your Job And Hit The Road

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32 states, 13 national and state parks, and 13,000 miles in an old Dodge Caravan? Where do we sign up?


12 People Are Confirmed Dead After A Mass Shooting At The D.C. Navy Yard

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Well, it's been a while since we've had a mass shooting in America. I guess we were overdue.


‘Ski Jumping Pairs’ Presents Japan’s Idea Of How American Ski Jumpers Jump

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Behold the glory of 'Ski Jumping Pairs,' a Japanese PSP game that makes American ski jumpers look like murderous, football-obsessed maniacs.


Soldier Shocks Family With Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise


Captain Hyrum Bronson returns home three weeks early from his deployment to Afghanistan and sneaks up on his family by scuba diving.


The U.S. Is No Longer The World’s Fattest Country

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According to the United Nations, Mexico has passed the U.S. as the world's fattest country as the wealth gap between classes continues to grow.


Escaped Inmate Body Slammed at Ohio Store


Surveillance footage shows an escaped prison inmate casually buying an iced tea at a convenience store when -- BAM.


Watch A Wounded Transit Cop Lead Boston Pops In An Amazing Tribute To Bombing 1st Responders

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Dick Donohue, seriously wounded in a shoot-out with the Boston Marathon bombers, leads the Boston Pops.


The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation


Here's the best fireworks mishap compilation ever made, in honor of Fourth of July.


Happy Independence Day, Everybody


It's the Fourth of July, a holiday important to everyone in the world, and not just folks in the United States.

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Kids Explain The National Anthem


Jimmy Kimmel asks children to sing, analyze, and dissect The Star-Spangled Banner.


50 Interesting Facts About The 50 States


John Green lists an interesting fact for each of America's 50 states.


A Proud American Beautifully Trolled His Canadian Buddy With This Canada Day Cake

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Impressive trolling skills are on display with this Canada Day cake passed from an American to a Canadian.

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USA…USA…USA: 20 TV Show Characters Who Embody Everything Great About America

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Richard Harrow from "Boardwalk Empire" and other TV show characters that embody everything great about the United States of America.


Con Bro Chill's 'Born Free America' Video Is Simply Breathtaking


Lacrosse’s "Personality of the Year" and our favorite iconic positive influence, Con Bro Chill, is back just in time for the 4th of July with a brand new American anthem that’s about to punch your mind in the balls.


Operation Everyone Talk Like a Terrorist All The Time


Trevor Moore announces a plan to make the NSA's wiretapping completely useless.

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Now You Can Buy Condoms For Oklahoma Tornado Relief Because Why Not?


These condoms from Say It With A Condom (a real place) are on sale with all proceeds going to Red Cross for Tornado relief in Oklahoma.

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