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How to Avoid a Bear Attack


Following a story about one man's confrontation with a 300-pound bear in Rhode Island, local reporter Julie Tremmel gives tips on how to avoid a bear attack.

Mad Men

Pete Campbell Bear Attack Update: Now More Plausible Than Ever

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Look at the evidence. It could still happen. Especially after last night's episode.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Grizzly Bear Ate A Guy’s GoPro Camera

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Like most guys, I’m obsessed with gadgets and tech crap, and I’ll look for just about any reason in the world to buy something that’s new and has all the cool kids raving.


Video: A Bear And Monkey Bicycle Race Ended Terribly In Shanghai

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You know how people often complain about PETA because its members seemingly spend more time <a href="" target="_blank">putting naked Brooke Hogan in a cage</a>, trying to <a href="" target="_blank">convince sports teams to change their names</a>, or <a href="" target="_blank">chastising Chris Christie for killing a spider</a>, when there are significantly more horrible things happening to animals around the world.


Russian Bears Getting Crunk On Jet Fuel Are Our Anti-Drug

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At the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia, some of the largest brown bears in the world are coming out of hibernation and getting their swerve on.


Alaska Zoo Welcomes Adorable Polar Bear Cub


Here's some raw footage of  Kali, an orphaned polar bear cub, at his temporary home at the Alaska Zoo.


Why Socks Disappear, Flying Laser Bears, And Afternoon Links

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Today's afternoon links, featuring Corridor Digital's explanation of how socks disappear, as well as a Laser Bear painting that belongs in a museum.


Baby Bear Sneeze Attack!


The most adorable thing ever done by something that will one day be able to kill you.


Random Bear Attacks And Starting Forest Fires Are All Part Of The Game In 'Far Cry 3'

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Now, serious question, will the bears try to shame you if you start a forest fire?


Here Are 40 Animals Who Are More Ready For Thanksgiving Than You Are


Thanksgiving is coming up next week, so let's give thanks for cats and dogs stuffed into Thanksgiving-themed costumes.


The Worst Part About Cross-Country Meets: Being Murdered By Bears

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There are a lot of great reasons to run; it improves your cardiovascular health, prevents muscle and bone loss, improves coordination and can help you both lose weight and gain confidence.


Drunken Bear Fight


This is what it looks like when bears get drunk and fight.


Adorable Bear Cubs Playing on Ropes


This is what it looks like when a trio of baby bears come into your backyard and swing on your ropes.


Mark Dumas Has a Real-Life Teddy Bear


Billy, an 18-month-old grizzly bear who weighs 250 pounds, goes everywhere with his owner Mark.


Baby Bears Playing Together


A trio of eight-week-old Syrian bear cubs roll around and play together.


Talented Animals Ready For The Olympics (And Links)


Today's links, featuring a bear winning the day, a dog chef, and Indiana Jones cat.


Cannot. Stop. Watching. Bears. Hunt. Salmon. In. Alaska.

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Looking for something to do/watch before or after Louie tonight? Boy have I got a mesmerizing livestream for you to watch.

assassin's creed 3

The First In-Game Assassin's Creed III Trailer Contains Plenty of Redcoat and Bear Fightin'

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Well, the first in-game trailer for Assassin's Creed III is here, and I must say it looks fairly gnarly.


Upstanding Animals And Links


Underwear-clad man stabs computer with samurai sword because it was full of child porn |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| Introducing The With Leather Interactive Awesome Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker |<a href="" target="blank">With Leather</a>| 7 Early Frontrunners For 2012′s ‘Song of the Summer’ Distinction |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| Woo Woo.

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