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Billy Eichner Doesn't Like Basketball So He Held A Pregnant Lady Trivia Contest Called 'The Vaginal Four'

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Billy Eichner couldn't care less about March Madness. But he does care about pregnant ladies.

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Watch Lindsay Lohan And Billy Eichner Destroy A Station Wagon With Sledgehammers

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Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner protested the end of "How I Met Your Mother" by smashing a car with sledgehammers. This is exactly as weird and wonderful as it sounds.


Watch Neil Patrick Harris & Billy Eichner Scream At People About The End Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

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Billy Eichner should be screaming at New Yorkers for not recognizing Neil Patrick Harris.

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Billy Eichner Took His Show Indoors On 'The Tonight Show' With Predictably Hilarious Results

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Billy Eichner gives the 'Billy On The Street' treatment to 'The Tonight Show' audience.


The Comedian ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast To Play Bizarro Donna Is Perfect

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"Parks and Recreation" continues to cast their bizarro episode with this "On the Street" comedian.


Billy Eichner’s Taylor Swift Impersonation Is Absolutely Perfect In ‘Glitter And Ribs’

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Billy Eichner does his best Taylor Swift impression for Funny or Die's "Glitters and Ribs."


Rashida Jones Plays 'Whistle Blow That Jew!' With Billy Eichner (And The Morning Links)

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Rashida Jones plays a game where she must decide whether a Hollywood celebrity has changed his or her name, plus highlights from around the web.

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‘It’s Spock! Do You Care?’ with Zachary Quinto (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring Zachary Quinto on 'Billy on the Street', a revised Bad Robot logo for 'Star Wars', and a 'Star Trek' double entendre.


Billy Eichner Met Meryl Streep Last Night And Promptly Freaked The Hell Out

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Billy Eichner from 'Billy on the Street' met Meryl Streep on 'Watch What Happens Live' last night, and he totally lost his mind. It was great.


'Conan' Sent Billy Eichner to a Madonna Concert in Israel Because That Is a Terrific Idea

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It's been a little while since we checked in with Warming Glow's favorite man on the street, Billy Eichner.


Billy Eichner Is Still the Best

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This past weekend, Conan sent Billy Eichner ("Billy on the Street") to the Super Bowl.


Conan Sent Billy Eichner To The Super Bowl, Hilarity Ensued


As regular UPROXX readers know, we're <a href="">big fans of Billy Eichner around here</a>.


Here’s An Exclusive Sneak Peek At Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Billy On The Street’


Because we've previously expressed <a href="">our unrelenting love for Billy on the Street</a> -- the Fuse/Funny or Die game show starring comedian Billy Eichner -- the lovely folks at Fuse have provided us with a sneak preview of tonight's show below.

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‘Billy On The Street’ Might Be The Funniest Game Show Ever


Go ahead and find Fuse on your cable box now if you don't already know where it is, because judging by the trailer above Funny Or Die's new game show "Billy On The Street," hosted by comedian Billy Eichner -- who at times sounds like he could be the guy who did the voiceover in the honey badger video -- is going to be unlike any game show you've ever seen before.

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‘Billy on the Street’ Looks Amazing

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Ordinarily, I try not to post videos longer than three minutes or so, because I have an incredibly short attention ha ha.

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