Watch A Bunch Of Dudes Experience ‘Playboy’ Magazines For The First Time

By | 6 Comments

If you were born after the year 1990, odds are you've never seen a 'Playboy' in person.


Watch A Frustrated President Obama ‘Thank Obama’ When His Cookie Is Too Big For His Milk

By | 7 Comments

President Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to make this cute video.


Watch This Bunch Of Dudes Watch ‘The Notebook’ For The First Time (And Like It?)

By | 9 Comments

What happens when a bunch of dudes sit around to watch 'The Notebook' together? More importantly, what is going on in this movie?

now i'm hungry

Watch A Bunch Of Taste Testers Determine Which Hamburger ‘Tastes The Most Like Meat’

By | 21 Comments

Doesn't matter how much you love or hate fast food hamburger joints, because you'll be starving by the end.


Test Subjects Were Unable To Tell The Difference Between Filtered Sewage And Bottled Water

By | 5 Comments

It's only a matter of time before we're all drinking poop water, so get used to it people.


Here Are The Top ‘Most Liked’ Songs In The History Of Pandora

By | 11 Comments

Pandora shares the 10 most-liked songs in its 10-year history. And you thought Gotye was just somebody that you used to know.


Here Are Some Photos That Will DESTROY Your Inner Neat Freak

By | 5 Comments

If you're Type A or at all a neat freak whatsoever, these photos will annoy the hell out of you.


This Video Takes You Inside The Head Of A Real Life ‘Tetris Master’


Eli Markstrom, one of the best Tetris players in the world, came out to compete in the World Tetris Championships.


‘Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream’ And Other Last Meals Of Famous Death Row Inmates

By | 10 Comments

Find out what everyone from Timothy McVeigh to Ricky Ray Rector ate just before kicking the bucket.


These Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations Will Make You Want To Hug The Nearest Dog

By | 5 Comments

The twelve rescue dogs in this video were miraculously rehabilitated and found loving homes.

horror movies

This Video Helpfully Details The Protocol For What To Do After Watching A Scary Movie

By | 2 Comments

If you've ever watched a horror movie alone and been completely terrified after, this video is for you.

nature is gross

Baby Koalas Eat Their Mother’s Poop And Other Gross Facts About Otherwise Adorable Animals

By | 4 Comments

Did you know that baby koalas eat their mother's poop until they build up immunity to Eucalyptus leaves? It's a fact!

school lunches

A Bunch Of Adults Tried School Lunches To See How Bad They Really Were

By | 10 Comments

Are school lunches really that bad or are we just raising a nation of whiny picky eaters?


Frotcast 224: ‘Gone Girl’ And Cool Girls With Jane Harrison, And That Time Bret Thought Ben’s Girlfriend Died

By | 16 Comments

We discuss Gone Girl, and that time Ben's girlfriend faked cancer and Bret assumed she had died.


Buzzfeed Had A Bunch Of Women Try Whiskey For The First Time LOL!

By | 28 Comments

They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future Terrorizing Buzzfeed’s Offices Was Incredibly Scary For Everyone


As with most matters Odd Future and Tyler-related, I find myself 75% entertained, 20% glad I wasn’t involved, and maybe like 5% offended.

viral video

'The Wolf Of Buzzfeed' Is The Best 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Parody Yet


A new contender emerges for best 'Wolf of Wall Street' trailer parody.


Shia LaBeouf Is So Sorry About Everything That He’s Turned Himself Into An Art Exhibit

By | 28 Comments

Taking his stupid antics another step further, Shia LaBeouf has launched an '#IAMSORRY' exhibit in Los Angeles so people can watch him wear his paper bag.

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