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Watch This Insane Footage Of A Car Crashing From The Upper To Lower Deck Of Boston’s I-93

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This driver amazingly escaped this wreck with his life and mostly unharmed.


Watch This Crazy Lady Run A Red Light And Go Full ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Off A Drawbridge

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This oblivious woman tried to jump a drawbridge in Croatia. She successfully made it over but ruined her car in the process.

#Viral Videos

This Insane Footage Of A 61 Car Pileup On Minnesota's Highway 55 Will Make You Crap Your Pants

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A chain-reaction crash on Minnesota's Highway 55 caused by slick conditions resulted in a sixty-one car pileup.


Guerlain Chicherit's World Record Jump In A Mini Did Not Go As Planned

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In his attempt to break the world record for the longest car jump, French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit had a little problem sticking the landing yesterday.


We’re Not Sure How Anyone Survived This Terrifying Car Crash, But The Driver Somehow Did

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Meet Brian Gillespie, the man who walked away from a 209 mph car crash in a Honda Insight.


Darrell Wallace Jr. Takes Practice Very Seriously And Will Punch You In The Face About It


NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr. is in little-to-no-trouble today for repeatedly punching fellow driver Chad Frewaldt in the face following a crash.

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The 17 Craziest Videos From Russia In August 2013

By | 5 Comments

Russia consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet. Here are the best from August.

#Viral Videos

The 18 Most Insane Russian Videos Of July 2013

By | 14 Comments

Russia consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet. Here are the best for July.


Here’s A Video Of A Russian Man Crashing His Car Into Two Cows Having Sex

By | 17 Comments

A Russian man's dash cam caught his recent accident, when he slammed into two cows that were crossing a street while also trying to have sex.


Drunk Driver Hid In Cactus Patch After Crashing Car, Sending Naked Lover Flying Out The Window

By | 11 Comments

Drunks, sex, car crashes, nudity, cactus patches, this story has it all.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross Crashed His Rolls-Royce Into A Building While Escaping Deadly Gunfire Last Night

By | 5 Comments

Last night in Florida, Rick Ross crashed his Rolls-Royce into a building while escaping a hail of gunfire from unknown assailants.


Little Girl Escapes Certain Death Twice After Being Thrown From Car In Insane Video

By | 3 Comments

Watch a young girl somehow escape death after being thrown from a car in a video from the ice planet known as Russia.

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